Sunday, 1 May 2016

I went off blogging

ALLSAINTS Char Jumper | MARKS AND SPENCERS Joggers | SENSO Shoes available at

Wow it's been about a year since I last posted, I didn't mean to abandon blogging entirely but I just went off it. 
There are so many people out there these days trying to make a blog/lifestyle I think it just put me off... It's so hard to keep up with what everyone is doing. 
I have stood back and realised that it doesn't matter what other people are doing... I'm doing a completely different thing. 

So on this blog it is now going to be following what i'm doing, what I like and how my brand is progressing. 
I have am a lot more into outfit posts (finally) and I have quite enjoyed doing them! Olwen has some amazing pieces right now and I have taken the time to use my own styling tips to bring you some 'Sports Luxe' ideas that hopefully you can take away and try! 

I am also on a mission to lose about a stone before the summer... who's with me? (Constant life struggle)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Food Festivals Are The Best Kind Of Festivals!


So yesterday I went to the Cardiff Food Festival which was such a lovely day out! The sun was shining (most of the time), and there was far too much to choose from. I settled for the brownies... Because I am just completely addicted. 

We walked around, took in the sites and had some well deserved coffee breaks and then settled for some lunch at Bosphorus, a Turkish restaurant set out on a pier in the middle of the bay. It was such a nice place and the food was beautiful. It is definitely worth a visit! 

Here are a few images from the day for you to enjoy! 


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I've been away for a while...

But i'm back!

I've been doing a lot of back and forth with life and career and I feel that I can finally come back on here and talk about it all. I have recently officially launched OLWEN Store online, and we are having so many exciting developments already! 

OLWEN is an independent online store, building your essential wardrobe. We will be stocking brands from across the world, mainly from America and Australia. We will however be looking for completely unique brands to bring to your wardrobe so keep an eye out! 

We currently stock Sol Sana footwear and Elizabeth Anne Jewellery. 
We are completely committed to creating your perfect essential wardrobe, with pieces that you can wear day to night - and season to season.

Please take a look at the website, like and share if your enjoying the content. I will keep you all up to date here because i'm not going anywhere!

Yes, I am still doing the photography also :) It will all be channelled into the one place which is so exciting for me, and I will also be back with all my outfit posts very soon!


Twitter: @olwenstore
Instagram: @olwenstore

Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Wonders

I have absolutely neglected the blog over the last few months but I am back and raring to go!  
I have had a rough few months and lost my way a little but I have turned myself around and going to continue on with the blog and photography.

Christmas this year was amazing, and I couldn't have spent it with more amazing people.
Here are a few pictures from the festive season from my point of view! 

What did everyone get for Christmas? 

 Trying on the boyfriends slippers! 

All ready and wrapped for Christmas! 

I was completely spoilt! 

Got out the Alexander Wang for an ice skating trip!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Everything Is So Black & White Shoot: MARYBETH

Had an amazing photoshoot recently with MaryBeth. She is an amazing model and we had such a great shoot. We went into this trying to create a gothic/dark version of vintage fashion with a modern day twist. Stylist Rachel Hannah has a wardrobe full of amazing pieces, and each of these garments were taken from her collection. Here is a preview of the shoot. More images are at the website
The make up was even done by myself! (And I am no MUA)
Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do! 

Feel free to leave comments and let me know which images you love or don't love! 
ReLoved's website will up soon so I will definitely be sharing it with you all.



Tuesday, 23 September 2014

She's a Little sweetheart

Not your average post on a fashion blog, but she was too sweet to ignore!

In between planning fashion shoots, I did a mini shoot with my best friends daughter.
I am trying to expand my work so that i'm more flexible when it comes to finding work. As much as I love fashion, I need to do something else once in a while!

So here she is, she is so pretty and was such a joy to photograph. It will be so nice to document her growing up and to finally create a gift book for when she is older!

Business cards will be done in the next few weeks and i'm so excited to see the ones with her lovely face on them!

She should also be on the ads for hunter wellies!


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Neglecting the blog!

I have been so busy lately. Between work and organising photo-shoots I just haven't stopped.
Unfortunately we had a shoot planned for this week but it was cancelled last minute, so I have no new work to share with you all! So instead, I thought i'd share with you some images of what has happened in my life this week.

I did have a mini photo-shoot with one of my best friends little girl. It was so much fun and she is just the cutest, sweetest little girl ever.

Prepping for the Re Loved photoshoots and fashion show! These sequins are from one of the garments that Re Loved is selling and the second image is of a vintage inspired photoshoot in this week's Grazia! 

This week my boyfriend and I went to check out a new grill in Cardiff. 'The Smoke Haus' is home to one of the biggest mixed grills I have ever seen and my boyfriend attempted it, and to be honest, he didn't do to badly! Only left the chips (As there was a mountain of them).

Sneak peak of my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas! Mother bought me a treat and I adore them. Will put an outfit post up later in the week! Also I cleared my rail and started putting out my Autumn/Winter clothing. On the end is a sneak peak of my new H&M AW14 STUDIO trousers.

Took my dad on a coffee date. This is my favourite past time.

Emily <3. She is absolutely adorable and I think she will become a photographer one day!
This is my best friends little girl, and I love her so much!

Here it is guys, my week in pictures :)
I will be sorting out some outfit posts this week as well as organising some new shoots!

What has everyone been doing this week?