Friday, 5 September 2014

Apparently, I look like storm

Finally took the plunge and went completely blonde. I've had the inspiration to go a really light blonde for so long but hid behind my dark roots. It was a shock to start but I love it. My brother came straight out and said I look like storm from x-men, which at first, I wasn't sure he meant as a compliment.

I'm totally in love with all BLEACH London products and use their shampoos and treatments religiously. It has played a huge part in lightening my hair previously and I'm hoping that it will continue to do so now it is this light! It's very exciting and I am also tempted to get the rose shampoo eventually and have a complete change... Maybe when I'm not working in retail though? 

Goodbye dipdye monstrosity! 

Hello blonde!

What is everyone's hair inspiration! Drop me a comment!