Friday, 5 September 2014

I Quit Sugar

After years of dieting and doing extreme bootcamps to shift my weight, I feel it is now time to have an overhaul of life and actually change the way I eat and live completely. 

I discovered Sarah Wilson and her 'I quit sugar' books. They are amazing and I definitely would recommend them to anyone. I have only recently started to get into cooking, however I feel that doing it in the right way will be a lot better for me in the long run. So far, every meal has been delicious, even if it is something I originally looked at as seeming a little strange. 

It is crazy how you can quit sugar in so many ways and it not make too much of a difference to your lifestyle. In these books Sarah tells you how to make sauces, desserts, delicious meals and fast food substitutes to keep you on track.

Last night, I tested the 'Thai Red Curry Bolognese with Thai Salad'. It was amazing and again is something I wouldn't normally make for myself. My other half and I thought it was so nice, he had the left overs for his lunchbox! It was so simple and easy to make, and didn't have any sugar! I am excited to continue to test her 8 week plan and I'll document the food journey right here, which is also a complete first for me. I'm no chef! 

And here it is! My finished image. It was so delicious and I was so proud!

What is your favourite dish to make?