Friday, 8 August 2014


                               Quinta Jumper - AllSaints      Leather Trousers - AllSaints      Elion Jumper - Allsaints         Riverso Rip It Up Dress - AllSaints

My favourite time of year, Autumn/Winter. As much as I don't want these beautiful sunny days to end, the clothing just gets better and better. Layering up on a cold winters day is my favourite way to style clothes and each year at this time, it is what I look forward to.

This is were my job has it's perks. Stylist at AllSaints has it's ups especially when the new collections come into store... (and when the garments are this beautiful it makes it even better). Here I am testing the new season! My favourite so far from the Pre-fall launch has to be the Quinta Jumper, pictured first with the new leather trousers. It is made from an alpaca blend and is easily one of the cosiest jumpers I have ever worn. The leather trousers actually are also extremely comfortable which is making it very hard for me to refuse purchasing new items!

Next on my wish list is the Elion Jumper. I had the Sago Jumper last season which was similar as it had the hole on the shoulder but this one is slightly jumper. Made from Merino Wool, this jumper is a key item for the AllSaints season. Again, I styled it with the leather trousers which are slowly becoming a favourite of mine. I do need to resist however.

Lastly, I have fallen for the Riverso Rip It Up Dress. This print is hugely important to AllSaints this season and I have to be honest, I am enjoying it immensely. It is so comfortable on and is very flattering. I feel that I am going to need to save A LOT for this season seeing as 'official' Autumn/Winter is still yet to launch!

Unfortunately for me, there are many more items that I would love to share. I am hoping that these I can share with you when I actually own them myself.

Come at me, Autumn!