Wednesday, 20 August 2014

It feels a little like Autumn 💭

Top - H&M              Skirt - Zara

Jumper - Matalan

Boots - AllSaints

Shirt - AllSaints

So tonight I felt like it was time to sort through my wardrobe, which is a task I dread. The transition from season to season leaves you with the list of things you actually need! After spending most of my last few years as an eBay addict, I tend to leave spring/summer with less clothing than I had the previous year, as we don't need the chunky knits during the summer time! 

This year, I decided, no more eBay! I now have more clothes in my wardrobes than ever before, although I did have so much enjoyment out of trying on all my outfits and getting myself all prepared for winter! I simply can not wait until I can layer up. 

I have been left with a list of NEEDED items so I will be posting outfits through the blog every now and again for the next few weeks. I will also start posting wish lists of the items I am currently lusting after so stay tuned. Lots more to come!

Here I leave you with some snapshots of pieces I look forward to taking through to Autumn.