Saturday, 23 August 2014

Countryside Monochrome

So today I was meant to be shooting a vintage fashion shoot but it all fell through, so it has now been postponed until next week. Instead, my brother and I went up to the lakes, so I could get one of my photography modules completed and I couldn't resist having a few cheeky outfit shots, seeing as I had actually thought about my outfit.

Jacket - My own creation       Basketball Top - My own creation       Jeans - Allsaints          Shoes - Primark

Outfit posts aren't something I have always been comfortable with however I am starting to get into it. The images were taken by my little brother, and are actually very good considering he never holds a camera! Luckily a few minutes after we got into the car, it started to rain very heavily! So our timing was perfect.

I am also showing off my amazing new shoes that I bought a few days ago on a shopping trip. They are from Primark and are my first purchase from there in years! But for £8 I could't leave them and they are so comfortable. Who says you can't get good items for cheap?!