Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Y.A.S Apparel

When I walked into the Y.A.S stand at PURE London at the beginning of August this year, I was drawn to the amazing blue garments that they had on the stands. I am always completely drawn to blue in whatever shop i'm in, and, 90% of the time I will end up buying it over any other colour.

The brand had a presence at PURE. They interacted with clients, gave away bags and the reps were so friendly. It really drew me in and made me want to find out what this brand had to offer.
As soon as I started to look through the rails I knew this was a brand that would stick in my mind.
Even though it was the S/S 15 collection they were previewing at the show, it was the tailored trench coat that caught my eye over anything else and I know that as soon as this comes into store next year I will be trying my hardest to have it as part of my wardrobe!

Their Look-book's for Autumn/Winter 2014 were very inspirational and spoke to my own personal style. They styling of the garments on each page just inspired me and made me want to go out and get my Winter wardrobe completely sorted out... even though we are still in the middle of Summer!

In their Look-book they interview bloggers, which I found very quirky and different. I hadn't seen this done by any other brand before and I enjoyed reading what they had to say about the collections. In collection 6, They interviewed Camille who owns, who also is the model in the following images.

The other aspect that I loved from their collection was that they have recently launched a sports line. Each piece is inspired by their collections in the same way and are really unique to other sports items on the high street. They really give you a sense of luxury and definitely made me want to give it a try.
Unfortunately I do not have any images of this however it has launched online at YAS.

There was also a separate Look-book for collection 5 and again they had a blogger to model/interview.  Aurelia owns and the garments that she modelled completely summed up my winter style.

My favourite pieces from this collection would have to be the leather and knitwear pieces. The leather trousers that Aurelia wears in the images are exactly what I have been looking for. The knitted cardigan in the last images is also one of my favourite pieces.

I'm looking forward to seeing these when they launch online at YAS.